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More Than A Distributor

PEI-Genesis and its employees make up a community of engineers
looking to solve your interconnect problems for the future's most innovative solutions.
We are your partner, advisor, and trusted resource. 

"More Than a Distributor" is a mindset that each one of us embodies that drives us to connect with our
customers on a deeper level compared to our distribution competitors. We believe there is always a solution
to any problem, and we’re looking to solve even the most challenging ones.



"Our company is a great example of what it means to be constantly evolving to become a Trusted Advisor for our clients."

Steven Fisher, President & CEO

"As the leader of PEI-Genesis in EMEA, I want to help customers tackle new problems with our connector expertise and build our relationship as a Trusted Advisor."

Jonathan Parry, SVP & MD Europe

"PEI-Genesis APAC is building an intimate market knowledge to live up to the Trusted Advisor ideal, whether in solution selling or fast service support."

Alex Tsui, MD Asia-Pacific